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About us

PhD’s is a continually growing and evolving business owned by husband and wife, Ken and Kelly Minyard. We have a very close knit team of artisans, graphic designers and wood craftsman that work side by side to create works of art that come in many forms and are constantly being reinvented. We blend hand crafting with graphic arts and laser technology to create unique designs for your home or office. We love bringing the perfect vision to life out of the ideas you share with us. All of our products are handmade from start to finish right here in our Carolina studio and each one-of-a-kind design is made to order guaranteeing the highest quality. We have proudly partnered with local vendors and suppliers in support of our local economy and keeping jobs here in the USA. 





Kelly Minyard

I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with the most amazing team and my fabulous husband of thirty ( never a dull minute ) years. Surrounded by artist and a studio filled with supplies and machines to bring ideas to life. LIFE IS GOOD! 


Ken Minyard

My life is full of joy happiness and laughter. My partner in life is my soulmate Kelly. I've had an incredible life with many special friends that will be with me forever. Animals are definitely God's creatures as well. They deserve love understanding and happiness. I believe that family should be the most important thing in our life. I would hope everyone that has a sibling will cherish them as I cherish mine. My beautiful daughter has become an incredible Rock. She has two beautiful children which are my grandkids that I love dearly. My family at PhDs is the most fun happy group I have ever had the pleasure of working with.


Suzi Hutchcraft

I like to handle online sales, internet marketing and customer service with a smile. Each day brings new challenges. We enjoy a laid back and fun workplace.


Joey Tolbert is a local artist with a background in commercial art, graphic design, and photography. As a young girl, she began drawing and continued learning different art mediums in her father's sign shop. She later studied commercial art and advertising at UNCC and CVCC.  Her duties at PhDs include computer design, online sales, photo editing, hand painting, and woodworking. Outside of PhDs, Joey teaches private art classes and art parties. She enjoys painting, photography, landscaping and motorcycle riding. Her two daughters, have inherited her creativity and love of art. 

Karie Howard (left )

Karie is Ken's right hand. She is a talented laser operator, painter and map creator. She is currently expecting a baby boy! 


Linda Cromer 

Linda keeps us all in check. She handles quality control, assembly and packaging. 

Banshee Metal Works

We are pleased to have Todd Coleman join our team of craftsman. He was privately instructed over several years by the late Phillip Gaddy of Scotsman's Forge. Todd is a talented blacksmith using many types of materials and products such as iron, steel, copper, brass, and aluminum to create one of a kind custom products.Todd keeps a historical connection by teaching and guest smithing at many historic locations including:
Latta Plantation- Huntersville NC / Colonial Period, Civil War, Celtic
Iredell Museums Statesvillle NC / Civil War
Fort Dobbs Statesville NC / French and Indian War
Turtle Island/Eustace Conway Boone NC / Frontier and Primitive Ways
Museum of the Waxhaws Waxhaw NC
Iredell County Library
Plus!!! Many Highland Games and Festivals each year.

Dusty is the most important member of the PhDs team, providing endless entertainment and lap cuddling, as well as overseeing the overall day-to-day duties. Our guests are happily greeted by this little lady and our regulars always make sure to give her special attention. She enjoys her morning treats, sunning in the window, and attacking bugs that have the misfortune of wandering into the shop. Her mediocre mousing skills are overlooked simply because she is so darn cute. 


Sue Zylak

Sue began drawing and painting at a very young age. She took her first oil painting class at the age of eight. Soon afterwards, she discovered pastel and was intrigued with portraiture. She tried and enjoyed various mediums, but chose to work in pastel for many years.

Sue’s interest in oil painting was again sparked in 1998. She studied with Master Artist Oscar Durand for two years. Painting mostly still life, she was being trained in the techniques used by the old masters. She often heard him explaining how the old masters used a strong light source, a technique referred to as “Chiaroscuro. This emphasized the painting’s center of interest and helps to create a sense of atmosphere. She began learning about tonal effects and luminosity.

Always striving to improve, Sue finds it beneficial to learn from other accomplished artists. In the spring of 2006, Sue began training with another Master Artist, Numael Pulido. He emphasized a strong composition and encouraged her to study works of the old masters as well.

Sue is focusing on making each piece better than the last, always trying to improve on the techniques that have helped her develop her own style. Sue has always found encouragement and support from her parents, her husband and others and continues to develop her God-given talent. She and her husband of 33 years, now reside in North Carolina where she works out of her Troutman studio. They have two grown children.